Eminem – Berzerk


We’ve all been waiting for it and Eminem finally delivers with the first official single from his newly announced album ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2′. The album will be executive-produced by Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin and is scheduled to arrive on November 5th. Take a listen to a radio rip which I took of ‘Berzerk’ below. CDQ will be out soon.

Update: CDQ / No Tags / Dirty added.

  • eminemfan

    awesome! this is the eminem that we’ve all missed!

    • oldeminemfan

      idk about you but I miss White America and Without me. Not his old voice.

  • JJ

    Art is dead. How the fuck is this music? I feel dumber having listened to this rehashed sample-laden trash. What a waste of time. Culture is dead.

    • jj’s dad

      come with something better then

      • jj’s grandfather

        leave the damn boy alone, you know he’s useless.

        • jj’s gay lover

          Not completely useless ^.- JJ love u babe.

          • jj’s girlfriend

            So uh, whatchu think u doin with ma boi?

          • JJ

            Baby, I suck cock for cash :(

    • JJ’s Grandfather

      That’s what everyone says when they find something they don’t like or understand. Remember they thought rock was devil music? Now the previous gen talks shit about the new gens music, the same way their parents talked shit about their music. Art isn’t dead, it’s just progressing, which is kind of what art does and has always done. Just because you don’t like or agree with something doesn’t mean art is dying, it means it has progressed beyond you and what you enjoy.

      • JJ’s dog

        It’s different, some kinds of rock are artistic, others are only made for money, and this is most certainly for money. Eminem forgot what he gave us 10 years ago and now he seems to be copying his own style without even understanding it. Rap can be artistic, look at Tupac or NWA for example. It’s mostly about freedom and rebellion, but Eminem’s old rap was more than that. It was about psychological freedom while still loving, that means not having fears. In Berzerk, he’s not rapping about freedom, he’s using his old voice over a fast beat and mixing that makes it seem like he’s crazy, because that’s what he thinks the fans want and miss, but he’s rapping about a fucking party with some good lines, and the fans miss the message he put in his older albums. He’s trying to advertise it as the Slim Shady LP 2 but it’s just a bad remake of a style that lost all its meaning.

  • The Villain


  • kimudra

    I have no idea why people call this awesome. In comparison to his last stuff: Yes, maybe. But it’s not Eminem how I used to like him and I’m not being nostalgic. It’s just that all the complexity in his lyrics is gone for a long time now …