SB exclusively premieres his new album with us entitled “Land of Black Gold.” Here’s what he had to say about the album;

“When I began thinking about the direction ofwhere I wanted to go for this project the title kept gnawing at my soul. It came from an old comic book (I had read in my pre-teen years) whose author ironically had been accused ofracism and using racist depictions to portray brown and black folks.

I wanted to put together an album using this same title that would serve as a “love note” ofsorts to and for black people whilst simultaneously providing a unique perspective from the eyes of a black immigrant on issues affecting blacks across the diaspora all via the vehicle of hiphop.

During the recording phase, a friend of mine asked, “SB, are you worried about how they (white people) will feel about what it is you’re saying?” To which I replied, “Frankly bro, I’m tired and I don’t care.” “I feel like these things need to be said and furthermore it’s really not about them. “It’s about US.”

Listen below.